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Wake County taxpayers can search and view property details, research comparable sales, and submit appeals online using the navigation menu or Quick Link buttons.

View the Property Tax Record for Your Home

Use this option to review a summary of your property record. We recommend that you review the record for errors. Check to be sure your heated area, bathroom count, and other details are accurate.

Property Search

Research Appraised Values or Sale Prices

Use this option to review appraised values, property records, and sale prices of residential and commercial property.

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Appeal Your Appraised Value

All property owners have the right to appeal the appraised value of their property. If you believe the value does not reflect fair market value and have information to support your position, or you can document damage or factors that may influence the value, you may want to consider an appeal. An appeal would not be effective if you think your value is accurate but the taxes are too high. The appeals process pertains only to the appraised value.

Create Board of Equalization Appeal